Pocket Dam

Portable Water Barrier

For decades, sandbags have been used to divert floodwaters or potential floods away from sites. These sandbags fall under the "single use" category since they lose strength when exposed to water. These are not very cost effective as they required a lot of effort to fill, carry, and install. Pocket Dam is very good alternative to sandbags as these are very cost effective, quick, and easy to install.

Pocket dam technology, also known as portable dam technology, is a water management technique that involves the use of inflatable structures to temporarily create barriers in water bodies. These structures are typically made of durable, flexible materials such as rubber or reinforced fabric.

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Pocket Dam Components

  • A. WEIGHT : For initial sealing and stable placement
  • B. SECTION : Maintaining designed height
  • C. VELCRO : Extension in length by adding multiple units
  • D. EYELET : Equal water distribution to adjacent section
  • E. FLOATER : Quicker inflation
  • F. SCREW ON CAP : Water discharge and connector for diversion
Rubber Dam

Installation & Storage

How it Works



The pocket dam technology is designed to provide a quick and efficient solution for various water management applications, including flood control, water diversion, reservoir maintenance, and environmental restoration.



Pocket dams are lightweight and easy to transport, making them suitable for emergency response situations or temporary water management needs.


Quick Deployment

They can be rapidly inflated and installed, providing a swift solution during time-sensitive situations, such as imminent flooding.



Pocket dams can be deflated and reused multiple times, reducing the need for constant replacements.


Adjustable and Modular

The length and height of pocket dams can often be customized, allowing flexibility to accommodate different water management requirements.



During heavy rainfall or flooding events, pocket dams can be rapidly deployed to create temporary barriers, redirecting, or containing excess water and preventing it from inundating populated areas or critical infrastructure. The dams can be quickly inflated to form a barrier and then deflated and removed once the flood threat has passed.


Pocket dams can be used to divert water for various purposes, such as irrigation, construction projects, or water supply management. By creating temporary barriers, water can be redirected to specific areas or channels as needed.


Pocket dams can be employed for reservoir maintenance activities, such as sediment removal or repairs. By isolating specific sections of the reservoir, water can be temporarily blocked, allowing maintenance crews to access and work on the infrastructure without emptying the entire reservoir.


Subway entrance

Storage entrance

Underground parking


Usages in emergency

Protection for Building

Set up a detour

ideal Replacement of sand bags

Sand bags
with Pocket Dam

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